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  • Marlene Simões

    Adorei te conhecer! Voce além de linda é dona de uma belíssima voz. Um cristal!
    Congratulations, and come back soon to Brasil.

  • William Silva

    Olá Esperanza,
    Obrigado por completar nossos dias com sua maravilhosa música….

  • Esperanza you really has given me hope !!! Your talent, your inteligence, your beauty are awsome. You are one of the most amazing musicians and singers I ever listen.
    I love you



    Interestingly for me, when I was studing sociology at UCLA, in Fall of 1993, I saw your beautiful face in the Time Magazine Cover, showing an image of the new face of America as a mixed ethnicity. Today I’m a professor at the UAM Xochimilco, Mexico. I teach about culture, media and education. Essentialy I’m an educator commited to the task of sharing knowledge to new generantions of students. So, I’m really glad that you have taken the platform of music education as an humanizer and the key of modern education.

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