Patagonia music collective Vol. 3

Patagonia music collective Vol. 3

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  • Sandy Valerio

    Esperanza is a beautiful young woman with an amazing voice and great bass chops.This kind of talent is deserving of a major career unlike anyone I’ve heard from her generation.As a musician, I can recognize her wonderful vocal technique,inventive writing,freely improvised solos ,expressive musicianship,beautiful lines,great feel for shaping phrases along with a wonderful tempo sense.She is a very gifted angel who will spread joy wherever she performs.I wish for her a long and distinguished future.I hope she surrounds herself with a healthy group of musicians who will love and support her on into the future.BRAVA!

    • Wow, I didnt know or have any idea as to who she was, She is amazing ~As soon I heard her, I fell in love with her music~You sound good as well for your 1st atptmet to play the Bass Guitar~What are some artisit that you admire?I’m a huge jazz fan as well

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