Billboard’s Year Music

Esperanza‘s Chamber Music Society was the #1 biggest selling Contemporary Jazz Album of 2011 and Esperanza was #1 in the Contemporary Jazz Artist category as well.

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2 comments to Billboard’s Year Music

  • Terje Canavarro

    I must say that I fell
    into an Esperaza Spalding spell!
    -and I don’t wanna come out
    don’t wanna ever come out
    just wanna stay in this place I’m in!

    I’m inspired and my first love for music is renewed! Thx!Thx!Thank you so much!

  • Robert Frankenburger

    i first saw Esperanza on public broadcasting of Austin City Limits or something like that and i have never, ever been mesmerized or so entranced in my life! i first heard about her when there was the big upset at the Grammy’s when a capable and gifted musician actually won best new artist. you know, like someone who can actually read staff and actually worked their way through the scene. You are beautiful Esperanza and have the voice of an angel and the chops of the greats. i wish you continued success and happiness.

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