Chamber Music Society USA Fall Tour 2011

After a few more sessions for her Radio Music Society recording project due in early 2012 , Esperanza returns to the stage with a fall tour that will stop in more than 13 cities to present her internationally acclaimed Chamber Music Society.

Chamber Music Society 2011 Fall Tour:

09/30/11 – Orpheum Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – BUY TICKETS

10/01/11 – Paramount Theatre – Oakland, CA – BUY TICKETS

10/02/11 – Uptown Theatre – Napa, CA – BUY TICKETS

10/04/11 – The O’Shaughnessy Auditorium – St. Paul, MN – BUY TICKETS

10/06/11 – Loeb Playhouse, Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN – BUY TICKETS

10/07/11 – Orchestra Hall – Chicago, IL – BUY TICKETS

10/08/11 – Clowes Memorial Hall, Butler University – Indianapolis, IN – BUY TICKETS

10/10/11 – Count Basie Theatre – Red Bank, NJ – BUY TICKETS

10/11/11 – Zoellner Arts Center – Bethlehem, PA – BUY TICKETS

10/12/11 – Jepson Theatre, University of Richmond – Richmond, VA – BUY TICKETS

10/14/11 – Merriam Theater – Philadelphia, PA – BUY TICKETS

10/15/11 – Wilkins Theatre, Kean University – Union, NJ

10/16/11 – Warner Theatre – Washington, DC – BUY TICKETS

9 comments to Chamber Music Society USA Fall Tour 2011

  • matt henderson

    When will Esperanza be in Atlanta, Ga. or Greenville, SC or Asheville, NC?

  • Betty

    When is she going to go to Mexico City??? We will love to have her there even in a nice restaurant-bar in case that not too many people know her, maybe she could do a small concert (petite co-mite) so people can start knowing her.
    Please invite me and I will ask all my friends to go if my entrance and my sister and brother are for free
    I love her music!

  • Hello ,

    We have a 590 seat auditorium at Summit High School in Bend, Oregon and we would love to have you perform at our school as a fundraiser for the music department. Would you be interested in performing? We could split the proceeds of the concert.

    I would love to talk to you about the idea. I can be reached at (541)815-5000 my cell.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Christina Gist
    Friends of Music Summit High School
    PR Coordinator

  • Danny

    Will your tour include the Miami, Fla area?

  • Nichelle

    When is Esperanza planning to come to Atlanta?

  • Kali

    Will you come to Toronto? if you were here before I missed you pls come again (if so)

  • Hi Esperanza , Iam a an up an coming bass player/ lead singer , song writer such as your self, I have been imprest with your playing … even tho i don,t play/ write your style of music i am inspire to your way of writing . serching the web i have not found many people/ female that play the bass and sing and as lead singers,only two thats including you…. i hope one day i can see more untill then thank you!!!!
    farooz saleh .

  • Huat

    Please perform in Singapore! The people here definitely need to hear ur music!!

  • Cerrita

    Puleeze Esparanza come to Atlanta, Georgia : ) !

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