GRAMMY® Best New Artist

What an evening for Esperanza. Picking up the Grammy® Award for the Best New Artist, Esperanza said, “I feel really lucky”. Her fellow nominees were Justin Bieber, Drake, Florence & The Machine, and Mumford and Sons. Esperanza added that they are all outstanding musicians and a great testament to the diversity of music.

“I certainly did not expect to even be considered for that type of nomination,” she said. “Me being a little old jazz musician and everything.”

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  • Michele

    Hearty congratulations and warmest wishes for your continued success and artistic growth.

    You definitely have a fan in Northern Ireland.

  • John

    Congrats on the win. Nice to see talent appreciated and not just fan hype.
    Keep on doing what you do best!

  • Jani

    Esperanza!!! Congrats on winning the GRAMMY for Best New Artist. I’ve been a fan since 2008. Last year, I saw you perform live in Atlanta at Emory University. You’re truly a gem! I’ll be sure to see you and your band on the CMS tour.

  • Darryl

    How wonderful and truly deserving. Maybe the Grammy Academy will do more to recognize true musicians in the future. ES, congrats on the win. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Stay true to yourself and your music. Love ya!

  • Marcio Local

    Sabia que era só questão de tempo,uma voz dessas não ia ficar sem reconhecimento, parabéns voce merece e prá frente virá mais com certeza,visite meu site e ouça minhas musicas,abraços de um fã.

  • Darian

    Congrats on your big win! Nice to see some REAL music get some recognition!

  • Congratulations Esperanza!!! You deserve it!! Thank you for coming to Iowa City!! We enjoyed you tremendously!! Dido John!!

  • Matthew

    Congrats on receiving the wider recognition you deserve. Your Grammy win was a victory for all who march to the beat of their own bass.

  • Frazer

    Congratulations on winning the Grammy! I wish you much success in the coming years and I look forward to your next concert in the New York City/New Jersey area!

  • Kenya

    Congratulations on the Grammy! Much L.O.V.E. <3

  • Congrats on the Grammy, I really love your music and I would love to book you in the Detroit area sometime in the future for a nice intimate venue.

    Thanks for bringing the “Good Music” back!

  • Jay

    Esperanza, I’m so totally thrilled for you. That was a tough field of big-selling new artists. But don’t be surprised to have won. Creatively and musically, you are streets ahead of the competition, even if the teenies didn’t know who you are. I was so excited for you when I got the news that my work colleagues wondered what had happened – they hadn’t heard of you either, but were happy that Bieber didn’t win!

    Thanks so much for your inspirational music and demeanour. Don’t go changing, but don’t stop moving on!

    Much, much love and blessings for the future… can’t wait to see you live one day – if you want a gig in Nicosia, Cyprus, I’ll do my very best to pack the place out for you!




  • Rita

    Congratulations on your much deserved win! What a talent, and what an inspiration for young musicians…thank you for allowing God to use you as a musical muse. Continue to be true to yourself!

  • eileen

    Congratulations Ms. Spalding!

    Very classy, gracious, eloquent speech!
    Highlight of the night was seeing you win!

    I work for a large public library system and the holds queues on your cds are climbing, and requests for new material are coming in.

    Blessings to you on all fronts!

  • Leslie

    Congratulations on winning a Grammy for Best New Artist. Your music is fantastic!

  • Congratulations to one of the most talented artists in the game! I hope that you can lead the world of music back to artistry and talent. You are a special artist and I thank you for your creative contributions.


  • I just wanted to wish you a huge congratulations on the win last night! It was a highlight for all music lovers and we cheer your success and accomplishment.

  • dd

    esperanza – i have never heard of you before but after finding out that u are a jazz muscian with great vocal ability who won the grammy last nite over drake and beiber-feber i had to look u up! i will certainly be purchasing some of your work. great job on your first grammy and i agree w/john’s comment above that its great to see such awesome talent appreciated over fan hype! keep up the great work!!

  • steff

    Wow! Can’t wait for your Pdx Jazz fest sold out gig!
    Friday February 25, 2011

    but first your free conversations on
    Thursday February 24, 2011
    Jazz Conversation: Esperanza Spalding
    6:00 PM | LOCATION: The Art Bar | FREE

  • hey there Esperanza,

    Big congrats with all that has been bestowed upon you. I know you have PDX Jazz Festival doings, and if you’re in and hanging around Portland around the 3rd Monday, I have a big band (co-lead with Dave Mills) up and running at Secret Society Ballroom. Stop by if you are here. It’s an interesting hang musically.
    Once again, all you are experiencing is deserved and will flower with each passing day. Enjoy all of this. Take care, cj

  • Joe

    Congrats! You are new to me and I purchased CDs today. What a wonderful discovery you are. I’m a fan.

  • LaKevius

    Con-gra-tu-lations!!!! I have to honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised to see you nominated and awarded the “Best New Artist” at the Grammy Awards. Well deserved. There were more noticeable acts on the nominee lists, but “music” prevailed. I had just lamented on the fact that you probably wouldn’t get it with the Biebers of the world, and my girlfriend chimed in “You’re wrong.” I couldn’t believe. I hope you sell a million or more copies of your albums and continue to bless us with good music.

    Thank you!

  • Congrats to my girl Esperanza Spalding for Picking the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. you go girl!!

  • Michael

    You’ve got talent and integrity! Love your music and congratulations on the Grammy win!

  • Michael in Chicago


    I knew you were rightfully nominated for this award but just shouted for joy when they called your name. I’ve been a fan since seeing you at the Stevie Wonder White House gig on PBS; saw you in person with Joe Lovano last year at the Jazz Showcase here in Chicago.

    Congratulations to you! We hope to see you again in Chi-Town soon.

  • D. R. Lambert

    Well done Esperansa. See you next month on Irving street. (732) 382 9774

  • Congratulations! Nice to see that REAL TALENT was awarded..

    We will be listening to you today, tomorrow and years down the road..

    Best Wishes for continued success!

  • Erik Todd Dellums

    Congratulations on your well-deserved GRAMMY win! We’ve yet to meet, but I’m scheduled to act with you in the film, “The World is Blind.” I can’t wait. Cheers!

  • A true Artist w/amazing talent. Your music is nourishment for the soul! Thank you!!
    The following news clip said it perfertly:

    She is an amazing talent, OP! DJ and organizer of New York’s I Love Vinyl series and Label Manager at Decon explains. “It is amazing to see that an artist who actually is a musician got the award.”

  • Annie

    Congratulations! You definitely deserve this award and I can see why they considered you. You are a true artist, very talented. You even won another fan!

  • Miss London

    Esperanza well done and please ignore all of the bullshit that has come with winning your grammy. You’re an excellent example that there are some who still recognise true talent and artistry in the world of music. However, it’s a world known fact that there is more lower standard crap available and appreciated by the masses as opposed to the tiny minority of musicians such as yourself who choose not to sell out their image for increase of popularity or sell out their music for increase of sales. And as for the haters well… I believe it was Nicki Minaj who once said: “Haters you can kill yourself”! Love you, when are you coming to Jazz Cafe or Ronnie Scott’s or something in London?

  • kimberly

    congratz on winning i think ur very talented and i seriously thought it unfair the way biebers fans attacked u but they need to no u cant win everything congratz again and i luv ur music

  • Well deserved! My students and I listen to your stuff all of the time. Thanks for being an inspiration to young bassists and singers alike!

  • Dion

    Congrats to a truly talented young woman!!!!!
    I wrote you a couple years back on myspace and you responded to me…I’m in Houston, TX and I’m still waiting for you to come and represent. Please tell me it will be soon
    Many blessings!

  • Karl Burrow In tokyo

    This is Great news for Esperanza!!!

    I have been following her music for a number of years.
    Gong to see her Wendnesday night in Tokyo at Blue Note

  • Shawntell

    Congrats to you Esperanza! You really sound awesome, I look forward to getting your CD this week.

  • Gabby Westrelind

    Esperanza you are so beautiful in every respect! – your Grammy restores my faith in the music community and in the American audience – looking forward to seeing and listening to you – you are an outstanding artist!!

  • Zegenfo Zedagmawi

    Congratulations! What a wonderful music! You are original and very true.
    Your fan from Eritrea, eastern Africa.

  • Camille

    Congrats on your Grammy! I saw you at the Capital Jazz Fest during the summer as well as saw you open for Prince in NJ. Keep doing your thing..long live REAL music!! Blessings to you always.

  • Vanessa Ward

    Congratulations Esperanza! My faith in the music has been restored! Your award proves that staying true and staying the course is the way. Your fellow musicians, engineers and producers know talent from hype. Thank you for being you. All the members of AMP are proudly showing their pictures with you from the workshop around Portland today. David was so proud of you. God’s Continued Blessing on you sweetheart.

  • Alex

    Congratulations! I will definitely spread the wonderful music that you make to the rest of Singapore and hopefully Asia!

  • Tay

    Congrats on your win sista…It is wonderful that a real musician was recognized. I’m so tired of the music that is just SO COMMERCIAL, you are so talented and we need to hear more from you. I CAN’T WAIT. Much Respect. TAY

  • Alan

    I have to admit, when I heard the winner, my first reaction was was the samw as many – “who?” So after checking out the music online (and hearing the cover of “Overjoyed”, I think I may be one of the newest fans. The voice is absolutely incredible; so smooth and an absolute joy to listen to.

  • Marty Martes

    A million congratulations to you, a precious jewel

  • Congratulations on your phenominal Grammy win. You are a joy, an inspiration and wonderful. All expressed with such incredible music and grace.

  • Marty Martes

    A million congratulation to you on your 1st Grammy. it blew me away with so much joy for you. Hope you come to Tampa, Florida. Classy young & irrisitable with great chops.

  • Sharyn

    Congratulations on your win Esperanza. I saw you live for the first time in NY exactly two years ago today (Valentine’s Day). You were just getting over the flu and managed to blow us all away anyway. You are truly amazing!

  • Vanessa

    Esperanza, my sincere congratulations on the GRAMMY win for best new artist! You have a God given talent. It was refreshing to know that the academy chose true talent this year. I apologize for all the ghastly attitudes that have been circulating throughout the media. This was truly YOUR win doll! You celebrate! Sending your way my best wishes for your on going success. Stay true to your person and talent. Again, well deserved award.

  • Congrats to my girl Esperanza Spalding for Picking the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. you go girl!! I’m so happy for you yes i am i fan i saw you at jazz fest in New Orleans last year.

  • Chuck Niedzialkowski

    So happy for you. You are the most incredible Artist, of any year. Can’t wait until you return to Seattle!

  • Brad

    I am SO happy to see you win Best New Artist!!! I can’t wait until you come back to Atlanta. I’m trying to be in the front row. Been listening to you for a while now and it was a real treat to see you walk up on stage to receive your Grammy. I saw you nominated and i was going for you all the way.

  • Anonim

    I do not like jazz, for me it is too quiet … but you are great.You have a great voice tone.You can listen and listen …I’m really happy that you won and I wish you continued success!;>

    P.S. Take care, and although it’s really sad and primitive pay no attention to criticism and hatred of male-girls fans…^_^

  • Congratulations on your phenominal Grammy win!!! You are a joy, an inspiration and a wonder to behold.Your music is a gift that is enriching the music industry and all within range of it’s beauty and grace.

  • Al Leavitt

    Sweet! Good for you Miss Esperanza.I suppose it’s A bigger win,in some context,but for me it’s just somehow appropriate.Not sure what that means but
    I’m glad you won.

    Cheers! Al Leavitt

  • koolsoda

    I listened your song ‘Precious’ this morning after the GRAMMY at the radio.
    As soon as I heard your voice I became your fan! Congrats on the win.
    From south Korean fan

  • ana flavia

    em nome de todos os amantes de jazz aqui do Brasil gostaria de parabenizar pelo premio!!
    você é fantástica! e mereceu!

  • Jim

    Dear Esperanza,
    I am a pro musician and music educator in Connecticut. I teach instrumental music to grades 4-6 in a very diverse school system. It is always a joy to discover someone as yourself who I can use as an example to my minority students as someone who has talent and uses it wisely and brilliantly.
    My students will soon know who you are and will be listening to your music. And by the way, I am a huge fan. I wish you continued succes and hope I can catch you in person if you play in Ct. in the future. Congrats on the Grammy!! Brava!

  • Terrince Autrt

    My sista, my sista!
    Thank GOD the Grammys finally gave the award to a true artist!
    Not taking anything away from the other nominees, but I thought that the award finally got it right: Best New Artist.
    I have been a BIG fan for a while. I purchased 2 of your CDs and cannot wait for more from you.
    Bless you, Esperanza. I pray that this is but the first of many to come.

    Peace and Love,
    Terrince Autry
    Bronx, NY

  • Courtney

    You are truly a gifted person! I just heard about you winning the Grammy for 2011. Congrats! It’s nice to see real music being recognized. You deserved it greatly!

  • Wayne Garrick

    Congratulations Esperanza on your Grammy, and THANK YOU for bringing some class and culture back to that award show. Hopefully some of the close minded in the music community and the general public will open up to some REAL music instead of the mainstream cookie-cutter garbage that is out there today. Very proud of ALL your accomplishments.

    Best Regards,
    Wayne G

  • Lori M

    Well little lady…You got a new fan in the Southern part of the US. You are just simply delightful. I got to catch up with the albums I hear you currently have out. Don’t worry, I definitely will…

    Congratulations…You broke the mold!!!

    All the best to your career.

    Lori M.

  • Dan

    Congrats! Thank you so much for keeping Jazz alive and strong in our hearts and minds.

  • Thomas

    Un premio meritato per una grandissima musicista.

    Ti aspettiamo presto di nuovo in Italia!

  • Sheila

    Awesome job! Glad to hear the “class” star beat out the “pop” stars! I hope you succeed like this for many more years!

  • Brantley Hickerson

    WOW!!! Like many others,..I did not know who you were. Being a singer/songwriter myself, I decided to check you out. AMAZING!!! The RIGHT person won the grammy!!! Thank you sooooo much for your amazing and soothing music!! A true, soon-to-be, legend! I did get to read your bio and was suprised once more. The way music has been going over the last 10 to 15 years, has made me quite depressed. Lots of talent gone to waste with worthless lyrics and night club music. How refreshing it is to see that real music isnt dead!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! CONGRATS!!!! JAZZ IT UP BABE!!!!

  • wejamn

    A very big congrats on the win, thank god the Grammy’s are still true to their being. Was starting to think the whole music world was going nuts.

  • Congratulations Esperanza Spalding you did well…so classy.

  • Nick

    All peace, blessings, and congratulations! I’m astounded that an actual artist triumphed over the world of pop. The feat itself is nearly as amazing as your boundless talent. Again, many years of health, happiness, and success.

    NJ, USA

  • KeoN

    True talent, The light shines down on Ms Esperanza Spalding. So gifted, The Grammy deserves to be in your arms. Musical Bliss

  • BT

    What an honor to get introduced to your music through an award show. It has been a while since I’ve heard Jazz music on Radio and I try to go to a local jazz bar to listen to Jazz music. You are amazing in every way. I am very happy that you won and got noticed by a lot of people. I’ll be a fan for life,please do keep persuing ur dream.
    Congratulations on your success and good luck!

  • Marshall Deakin

    Congrat’s on the award, i have been following you and in love with your style and talent for some time now. It was well deserved and the beginning of many more to come throughout your lifetime.

  • giorgos georgoulakis

    esperanza, you are the best.

  • Rubena

    Congratulations Esperanza we in Portland are just thrilled. I have been following you for about 6 months now… we are excited and looking forward to your performance on the 25th of this month.

    You have class and a vision beyond your age and you deserve the Grammy Award. Wish you a Brilliant future ahead.

    Warm regards,


    Portland Oregon.

  • Selawoe

    Congratulations for winning the Grammy. You worked hard and earned it. You brought credibility back to the Grammy Awards and reminded us that Grammy is about rewarding talent and recognizing the Arts.
    More importantly, Jazz Music now has a new voice for the 21st Century, a voice that will surely draw new audiences and put Jazz Music back to to where it belongs.
    Thank you

  • Naledi

    Well Done and Well Deserved!!!! Love it

  • Dan

    New to your music this week.

  • Ken

    Congratulations. You have an incredible voice and are a wonderful talent. I wouldn’t have heard of you if you hadn’t won the Grammy. I look forward to hearing more music from you in the future.

  • Jonathan Finberg

    Dear Esperanza, you have re awakened my senses, with your special musical spirit, which is evident in your arrangements and innovative use of strings and vocals. You make new real music with intelligence, passion and respect for your art and fellow artists. Your website is very interesting and engaging. Your music is like delicate snowflakes falling on ones skin, tingling in a thousand place at once. Congrats on your win and I hope to see you performing live one day soon.

  • rick carroll

    At last! A Grammy Award goes to an authentic musician instead of a pop star, overnight sensation, celebrity du jour, or stagey spectacle. Congratulations, Esperanza. You give more than hope.

  • Trish

    I agree that you are talented but I don’t think you deserved the award. I promise I am no “belieber” or whatever they call themselves but I honestly think the award should have gone to someone like Drake or Justin Bieber. Those two are artists that have come very far in a short amount of time. They are widely known and are easily recognizable in the world of fame.

    Unfortunately, no one has ever heard of you before. When people say “Esperanza deserved it.” I scoff. I doubt you have had any billboard topping singles, a biography, a movie, and sold out Madison Square Garden in 22 minutes.

    I hope this award goes to someone who deserves it next year. But at the same time I hope your career rockets upwards from here.

  • Lucas

    You’ve got a newfan in France now !

  • Jekema Lee

    Sign o’ the times – and a change is gonna come! I love your music and have been a friend since 2006 – before Obama. You are truly welcomed to the rebirth of a jazz renaissance in America. Hoping that your Grammy win bridges the divide for other new jazz artists. I know there are other vocalists and musicians already ready to meet opportunity. At last…

  • Paolo

    Congrats on winning the Grammy the other day. Hope to have the privilege to see you soon in Italy. All the best.

  • Ben

    Esperanza…you are the jazz musician I have been looking for. After hearing about your Grammy win (congrats BTW) I took a listen to your music. You are absolutely awesome, picking up your CD’s.

    Thank You for making real thoughtful music.

  • Helen L.

    I truly never heard of you and therefore wondered why such an honor would be bestowed to an unknown artist? I was curious… so after reading and researching about you, I clearly see the reasons why that would be : You are a BRILLIANT and extremely TALENTED artist. And I am truly happy for you for a well deserved win! Don’t crumble by the bullyism coming from the Biebers, most of their fans are children, just liked him… They are immature and the best way to deal with sore loosers is to ignore them. You DESERVE that glory… Anyone with a true musical sense, will admit to it. So, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  • Adrienne

    I’m so happy for you and your Grammy win. I know you will be receiving many mor in the future. I was blessed to see you in concert in Miami and it was definitely a spiritual experience. Keep doing your thing because you are spreading love with your music.

  • Ernestine R. Williams

    I am so proud of your accomplishments as an accomplished jazz musician and the fact that you are such a beautiful-spirited young woman. The first time I saw you perform at the Nobel ceremony for President Obama I was astounded and have been a fan since then. Knowing that at some point in time you would be recognized world-wide for your extraordinary musical accomplishments as a singer and double bassist. May God continue to bless you and your mother. Thank God for diversity. Love You.

  • Ernestine R. Williams

    Stay forever true to the music that continues to reverberate from deep within your beautiful soul.

  • Esperanza! Congratulations on your Grammy award. I couldn’t see you perform at the London Jazz Festival in November 2010; your performance was sold out, very quickly. Please come back to London soon, and have several gigs. The next time you’re here, I shall fight tooth and nail for a ticket. Would you like to perform at my 70th birthday party in April? (That was a joke. I couldn’t afford your fees anyway). I wish you a long, healthy, successful and happy life. Congratulations to your mum for bringing up such a wonderful person as you.

  • You definitely deserve it! You are a very talented lady and fashionable! I am so happy to see natural hair in the media especially in the music industry. Congrats once again and congrats on future endeavors.

  • Congrats Grammy wiinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brantley Hickerson

    I had to come back and say something. I CANT PUT YOUR MUSIC DOWN!!! The great thing about great music, is that, it gives you breath, when you didn’t know you couldn’t breathe. All around class and style!!! Most comfort I have found in music, in my life! Can’t begin to thank you enough for everything!!! Completely magical!! THANKS!! Congrats, again!!!

  • Cristal

    Hello Esperanza! I am so happy for you. I’ve had you on my ipod way before the Grammy and turned several friends onto your talent. What could be sexier and more empowering than a beautiful woman at a bass. Continue to bless the universe with your music.


  • A special Happy Birthday to my favorite person!

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