Radio Music Society in South America

© Giovannin RussoneloFor the very first time Radio Music Society will be visiting South America! We are so exited to share with you all the tour dates that will bring us to the lovely cities of Lima (Peru), Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia (Brazil). Come join the Radio Music Society and turn the radio on! All tour dates here.

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  • Matías Acuña from Buenos Aires

    I think the word “thank you” and my applause never going to be enough to thank you and your amazing band, this beautiful evening that will stay in my memory forever. You made me feel like a king, only to have lived your musical quality, your simplicity, your grace and sensitivity. I’ll be waiting with arms (and ears) open! :)

  • Marcelo

    Esperanza! Anoche estuvo increíble el show en el gran rex!



  • Ricardo Simoes

    Esperanza, it was a honor to watch your magnificent show yesterday here in Sao Paulo/Brasil for my first time. I would like to see you soon and many times more here. Welcome forever, darling !!!

  • Marcela Boffi Abdo

    I’ve seen Esperanza in Buenos Aires last Wednesday. It was a ticket to Wonderland!!!!! Awe is all I can say I got from this wonderful show!!!! My sons and I are jazz geeks. There were arrangements I didn’t even know existed!!!! Fantastic climate all the way! Craft of the best quality in all the musicians there!!! Our hats off!

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