Special edition scarves FRS x Esperanza Spalding

You’ve probably heard of the terms eco-chic, eco-friendly, and green fashion. If not, these terms are associated with the philosophy of sustainable fashion; aiming to reduce the “carbon footprint” or total emissions of greenhouse gasses produced by manufacturing, consumption, and waste of products.

Esperanza Spalding was the perfect choice to design another exclusive, one-off, special edition scarf for Front Row Society, available at nordstrom stores in 2013! While reading Marlo Morgan’s, ‘The Mutant Code Down Under’ and ‘The Mutant Message From Forever’, the aboriginal spirit inspired a desire in Esperanza to be wrapped in their essence; their knowledge of music, their expression of art, to embrace the earth as a caretaker and to treat dreams as a way of life. This special edition scarf directly relates to aboriginal wisdom, triumph, healing and sacred knowledge.  If saving the world wasn’t good enough, 10% of the proceeds go to Earth Justice, a non-profit public interest law organization dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this Earth. It’s like our little present to the environment!

Which one do you prefer? Help us out! Is it Brown, Black or Blue?

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